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Laundry accessories and cleaners are essential items for anyone trying to maintain a neat, clean and organized laundry room. From detergents to fabric softeners and bleach, there’s a wide selection of laundry accessories and cleaners available that can help make your laundry job easier.

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Laundry accessories can make processing laundry easier, faster, and overall more efficient. The best laundry accessories in San Bernardino are easy to find at Harlow’s Kitchen Concepts. The onsite experts can help you find the best laundry accessory solution for your needs.

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Laundry Pedestals are an essential item for any laundry room. They are designed to raise your washers and dryers off the ground for easy access and to keep them from taking up valuable floor space. Many pedestals come with drawers to store detergents, fabric softeners, and other laundry accessories. Some models even have wheeled designs that make it easier to move them around your laundry area.

Clothes racks can be a great way to air-dry clothing or hang delicate items without putting them in the tumble dryer. A clothes rack comes in a variety of sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your space perfectly. Many clothes racks also feature wheels or adjustable height settings so you can easily move it around your laundry area as needed.

Clothes steamers are another great way to take care of delicate garments without having to put them in the dryer. Clothes steamers use hot steam to remove wrinkles from fabrics while keeping them looking fresh and new at the same time. Most clothes steamers feature adjustable steam settings and attachments for different fabrics, making it easy for you to get just the right amount of steam for whatever item you're working on.

Door reversal accessories allow you to change the direction of your washing machine's door opening from left-handed (standard) or right-handed operation when needed. This is especially useful if you want your washing machine door accessible from both sides of your laundry room, or if you need additional clearance when loading and unloading larger items into the unit.

Dryer delicates drying rack is specifically designed for hanging delicate items like lingerie that require special care in order not to be damaged during drying. This type of drying rack features a two-layer design that keeps each garment separate while allowing air flow between garments so they can dry more quickly and evenly without risking damage from over stretching or heat exposure.

Dryer gas hookup accessories are necessary when connecting a gas-powered dryer unit into your home’s gas line system. These components include flexible hoses, connectors, regulators, shutoff valves, adapters, and other fittings necessary for proper installation according to local building codes and manufacturer instructions for safety purposes.

Dryer power cords are used in most households with electric-powered dryer units in order to transfer power from a wall outlet safely into the unit itself. It is important that these cords meet all local building codes as well as manufacturer guidelines regarding length and wattage ratings before using them with any appliance including a clothes dryer system set up in your home or business premises.

Dryer vent accessories help keep your clothes dryer running efficiently by preventing lint buildup within its ducting system over time which can lead to reduced performance levels as well as potential fire hazards due to improper venting techniques being used such as routing venting through walls or ceilings rather than outside air release systems like hoods above rooflines outdoors away from buildings structures altogether which should always be consulted first before attempting any DIY project involving this type of appliance setup within residential areas anywhere across America today!

Laundry carts provide extra storage capacity for large loads of laundry that won't fit into regular washers or dryers or need special treatment such as sorting through stained items separately prior before being washed completely with bleach solutions afterward if deemed necessary before further processing too afterwards such as throwing any clothing items into tumble driers straight afterwards instead without waiting long hours naturally air-drying per se anymore beforehand too instead!

Laundry machine components include various parts such as hoses, pumps, filters, seals, knobs and dials which help maintain normal functioning levels within these appliances respectively during operations accordingly whenever required all throughout their lifespans too no matter how long they last exactly throughout their lifetimes either way after prolonged usage especially when compared against seasonal relevance factors attached likewise towards periods with higher temperatures outside too all year round every now then again even!

Laundry machine covers protect these machines from dust buildups overtime by preventing particles entering into internal systems where subsequently leading causes severe problems arising out from normal usage conditions alone per se instead contrarily amongst different machines themselves meanwhile respectively regardless too ultimately speaking hereof overall speaking henceforth onwards going forward eventually!

Laundry stacking accessories make it possible stack washers and/or dryers on top each other respectively whenever space constraints don’t allow side by side layout configurations however hookups need only be done once since electricity will be drawn automatically upon powering respective machines stacked above one another respectively conversely consequently thereby thus forwarding energy efficient practices at best value prices overall speaking generally anyways eventually still apparently then again potentially via cost savings alone continually nowadays more than ever already definitely truly quite noticeably so far effectively indeed consistently quite remarkably primarily mainly mostly plus besides anyway comparatively speaking obviously significantly certainly accordingly!

Washer hoses and dryer cords are some of the best laundry accessories and cleaners on the market, ensuring that your washer and dryer run smoothly with maximum efficiency. Washer hoses attach to the hot and cold water lines supplying water to your washer while dryer cords provide electricity to your dryer. They are available in various shapes, lengths, and colors to suit any laundry setup. When purchasing hoses and cords for your laundry setup, make sure that their ratings are appropriate for the voltage of your washer and dryer.

Dryer hookup kits provide the necessary components needed to install a dryer in your laundry room. These kits usually include an elbow, washer-dryer transition hose and/or lint trap, vent ducting material, and accessories such as clamps and tape. Dryer hookup kits come in various sizes and materials so make sure you purchase one that is compatible with your specific model of dryer.

Finally, you need to ensure that you buy quality detergents for cleaning clothes efficiently. Quality detergents contain enzymes which break down dirt particles in fabrics more quickly than conventional detergents, saving time and energy. Detergent selection should depend on the type of fabric being washed as well as whether it is a colored or white item. Specialty products such as bleach-based cleaners or fabric softeners can also help make laundry easier. Investing in the best laundry accessories will not only save you time but also money in the long run. With the right products, you can make sure your clothes look cleaner for longer and your machines remain in top condition!

Where to Find the Best Laundry Accessories

Harlow's Kitchen Concepts is a great place to find all of your laundry accessories and cleaners needs. From the leading brands of hoses and pedestals, to the latest in laundry carts and dryer hookup kits, you'll find everything you need to keep your laundry looking its best. Whether you choose an online order or a trip to the store, Harlow's Kitchen Concepts carries the top brands like Whirlpool, Maytag, or LG at competitive prices that are sure to make laundry day just a little bit easier.

You can find us in the San Bernardino, CA area. We have fantastic financing options available! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or stop by!